We currently offer the following courses:

Airline Preparation Course

This course focuses on airline operating procedures, with a particular emphasis on jet operations. It covers all aspects of preparing for and conducting a normal days flying, as well covering some unusual situations, and an introduction to handling emergencies. There is also significant CRM and multi-crew Human Factors content.

Jet Orientation Course

This course covers all aspects of operating a modern jet airliner, other than the purely type-specific data covered in the Type Rating . The course is designed to be practical, equipping you for the real world of airline operations. We aim to have you ready for your first day of work, with a good practical knowledge of how to get the job done. This allows you to concentrate on  flying the simulator or aircraft accurately while under as little stress as possible.

Aviation English Course

This course prepares you for the international Air Traffic Control environment, where English is the primary language. Even domestic airline pilots will frequently operate to airports where English is the primary languade, so it is important that your written and spoken English is good. It is now a requirement of many licences that you are able to demonstrate English Proficiency.

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